Kenyans Come Together For A Good Cause – Divas Power Initiaive

Kenyans are naturally born with a giving heart. This was evident during our past live recording of Churchill Show (Jamhuri Edition) at K.I.C.C.

Moesha, a member of the FBI Dance Crew went on stage to share the story behind her initiative, Divas Power Initiative and the talented young girls she is working with. Born and raised in the ghetto, she clearly understands the plight of these girls. She was chased away from home because of dancing and she started selling groundnuts in Gikomba so as to earn a living and go back to school before later joining the award winning F.B.I. Dance Crew where she has been a member for the past 10 years.

Most of the girls undergo challenges like lack of sanitary towels, school fees, clothing and even have to deal with relatives who don’t understand that their talent could be a source of livelihood. At tomes, they are denied permission to go for dance practice. These little talented girls just want a chance to shine showcasing their God-given talents as well as be able to afford the basic necessities and have access to quality education to make the world a better place. Last year, three girls passed away because of HIV. At Divas Power Initiative, Moesha has started the Divas Dance Competition where there were a total number of 48 female dance crews from all across the country.


Her touching story moved so many Kenyans in the audience to pledge donations and even do a small fundraising from the crowd as the show proceeded. Celebrities in attendance like Huddah Monroe said that she was inspired by the initiative and pledged a sum of 200,000 Kshs which she honored on 4 days after. She also donated merchandise Huddah Cosmetics and Rebel Clothing Line. Media personality Betty Kyalo pledged a sum of 100,000 Kshs and a treat for the girls who won the dance competition at her salon, Flair by Betty. The CEO of K.I.C.C. Nana Gechaga pledged 100,000 Kshs which she honored on 17th December 2018. A lot of people from the crowd pledged different amounts of money, scholarships for for next years KCSE candidates who will get a mean grade of B and above, life skills sessions for the girls and a months supply of indomie noodles for the girls by Indomie Kenya. A lady promised to pick one girl and pay her school fees till she completes her education. The crowd contributed a sum of 136,291 Kshs and pledged a sum 910,000 Kshs of which totaled to 1,046,291 Kshs.

If you are willing to contribute, you can contact Moesha on 

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