Valentines!!! you hear this word and all sorts of excitement and romantic vibe kicks in. This was the exact  state of affairs at the Churchill show valentines edition that took place on the 15.02.2019 at the carnivore samba salon.   The event saw innumerable audiences promenade into the simba salon elegantly dressed for the occasion as they were ushered in with beautiful roses as a sign of appreciation.

     Our audience meant business and so the wadrobe selection was a sure one. Dressed in assorted designs and colours, from red to purple and even black. Yes!they say dare to be different .

Someone was going to find their mr /miss right and there was no room for taking chances. A dinner set up for two was erected on stage as Churchill randomly called on a lady and gentleman hoping they both would end up charmed. It was indeed a night of romance!

Did I mention  dance?! Our lovely couples were called forth on stage  for an extravaganza of dance and they did not fall our hand. From salsa to even more interesting moves that we are yet to brand. It was more than enthralling!

There is no way this equation would be left unbalanced love+laughter and so without fail our talented comedians cracked us to the bone.The audience was filled to the brim in joy love and laughter.It was indeed an indelible night!.


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