“I decided to ignore the wheelchair and view her as a complete human” these are the words of Nicholas Otieno Agutu, fiancé to princess.

Princess who is currently a journalist at KBC has lived with disability all her life. This however has never stopped her from being ambitious. She believes just like any other human out there she has an equal right and ability to rightfully pass through all stages of life. She’s proved this by completing her studies upto university level and planning to get married March this year. Her fighting spirit has seen her subjugate all sorts of discrimination, this is seen as she narrated one of her encounters where she was stopped from checking in a restaurant with her fiancé. Like any other working citizen Princess rises early for work and back in the evening, She has to earn a living because bills know no condition.


As a kid princess always dreamt of having a princess wedding. A sassy wedding with the love of her life looking like a complete princess. Unlike other princesses she might not be able to walk her way down the isle to meet her Prince Charming but all that matters is she has her Prince Charming and has won his heart. Her plea to well wishers was financial aid to make her big dream true. When she shared her story on Churchill show valentines edition that took place on February 15th. Philanthropic individuals from the audience heard her plea and gave what they could. The giving spirit Kenyans have is just a clear indication that we are united despite our differences and that is what we need to survive. Nobody is ever fully independent and once we acknowledge that helping is just but a deed. Her benevolent fiancé has steered princess into accomplishing her dreams and given meaning to her life. Indeed true love doesn’t choose the heart to share it with. It comes naturally for those who are destined to share it beautifully.

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