Women run the world, this is probably cliche already. We hear it everywhere, everytime but,it doesn’t just manifest on every occasion. Opportunity, this is one of the paramount reasons this has remained just but a holy grail for the longest time. Providentially, the Churchill show female comedians are among the few that get the right set of circumstance to showcase their talents. Their abilities and strengths get to be acknowledged as they get an opportunity to entertain our lovely audiences and better themselves.

On the 1st of March 2019, Mwalimu productions in conjunction with Laugh industry have for the first time in history organised a comedy queens night that will take place at the KICC TSAVO BALLROOM. The event will kick off at 6p.m. until late for only 1000Ksh regualar seats and 2000Ksh  V.I.P seats, both of which are available at Tr.Wanjiku, Nasra, Pasha, Mwende, Cartoon and Mary among others being the queens for the night will be there to deliver utmost royal jokes that will leave us short of breath. It will irrefutably be a historic night we should be part of. A kingdom’s success is the citizen’s pride.

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