Victory! The joy and pride that comes with it is incalculable. Over the years, Kenya as a Nation has had several triumphant moments that have put us on the map, and this more  than anything is an area of focus. Acknowledging this illustrious citizens and giving all the support they need is regrettably the most we can offer and so we as a nation should deliver without further ado.


Sarah Ikumu, a 17 year old girl gave her audience goosebumps at the Britain’s got talent when she performed one of the most challenging songs since it’s high key and needs a pretty much strong voice. The judges were astonished at the fact that she could bring out Whitney Houston’s music just as it should be, something most contestants failed at. This wasn’t left unrewarded as she got a golden buzzer from the judges making her qualify for the finals.

Barrack Obama.Despite his prominence due to his impeccable regiment, how he managed to win the hearts of  millions in the United States of America  keeping in mind he is black  specifically from Africa ,Kenya is one that left and still leaves many in awe. His decision to go back to his roots on the 16th of July was highly anticipated and so when he arrived Kenyans were all geared up waiting to welcome him into his fathers land.

For the first time in 15 years, Kenya saw itself into the African Cup of Nations steered by our very own Dennis Oleich. The goal he scored at a very crucial moments was bliss worthy and the whole Nation led by our president Uhuru Kenyatta waxed lyrical about qualification.

In most countries, election periods are quite sensitive and there is always tension over the results and future outcomes. Kenya however was saved from all this in 2017 when a man was spotted in a nylon bag munching githeri as he queued to vote at a polling station. This captured the attention of many. In no time he was trending on social media both locally and globally with international shows featuring images of prominent people photoshopped with the ‘githeri man’. Before everyone knew he was the topic of discussion and peoples attention was drawn from politics. He surely was the hero of the moment.

In August 2012 David Rudisha held our flag high when he set a stunning world record of covering 800metres in I minute 40.9 seconds.

For the longest time the current ruling party and the opposition party’s relationship had hitches and this put the country’s peace at stake. From killings to the economy going down, nothing was a walk in the park for Kenyan citizens until 9th March when our sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga decided to the burry the hatchet. This brought smiles in the faces of many and Kenyans felt more at peace with each other.

Kenyans rule the world and not only in the obvious ways we thought like scooping olympic gold medals but in rugby too. In 2006 history was made when the Kenya sevens Rugby team thrashed heavyweights Fiji 30-7 in the finals of Singapore Sevens for their first ever main Cup title in the HSBC World rugby sevens series.

Oscars! Every actor’s dream award globally just not for the first-rate Lupita Nyongo as she fruitioned this dream in 2004. Being from Africa Kenya, this was out of the norms. It took everyone by surprise and also brought Kenyans to the realisation that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid as she stated in her thanksgiving speech.

When you hear Olympics, you think Kenya right away. Over the years our able athletes have been scooping awards globally something we really are proud of. Eliud Mathu! This competent Kenyan Athlete was crowned the world’s greatest marathoner receiving the exceptional achievement award and this more than ever warmed the cockles of our hearts.

They say not all heroes wear capes and this takes us back to the life of the late Professor Wangari Maathai. Most people knew her as an environmentalist but that was just one of her assorted passionate doings. In 2004, the lionhearted woman earned the noble peace price that got her name on the maps. She was one of Kenya’s pride and her demise made a hole in the hearts of many.

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