On Friday 22nd 2019 Churchill show brings to you the #AfricanEdition once again, this time bigger and better! Dressing is one of the major ways of showcasing theme ,this leaves us with no choice but to present the theme to the nth degree. Are you already thinking of your Maasai shuka or dashiki? Let that take a load off ,you’ve probably been wearing it to all weddings, african events, church uniform choir or even as a casual outfit for the longest time. Now don’t loose your nerve or start thinking of not attending the show, I’ve got your back.


Africa composes of more than 10 countries. You might have always been admiring traditional outfits from one of the countries i’m just about to list. Good news is Friday might just be the right day to slay that particular one you already have in mind now. From South Africa to Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia or even Somalia. This international attires will automatically put others in the shade once you make an appearance.


But time? Yes time might be an issue and we all can’t rush to stores and get these ready made traditional international costumes. This is where we just stick to Kenyan attires but try to be a little bit distinctive. Try on that giriama traditional attire, kamba, luo, kikuyu, maasai, luhya. Some might be having it in their closets already because of a wedding or two. If you don’t ,check out tribes like giriamas who simply tie and design their lesos to fit their preference from male to female members and  that can be an equally great idea.

Ankara lovers, we cannot lock you out. Dresses,skirts,trousers,shorts and shirts made from this bring a lively colourful vibe and  this just perfects the ambiance. We  need this! Pull out your favourite design and rock the night away as we celebrate our African heritage and laugh our ribs out!!





Francis Munyau alias MCA(member of chokora assembly)Tricky has put a mileage on as he turns 26. The humorist celebrated his birthday on 7.02.2018 alongside his confederates and fans during the churchill show reggae edition that took place at carnivore Nairobi Kenya on the very same date.

Being an Aquarius the triumphant comedian seems to fully embrace his progressive aquarius quality as he has been comprehensively winning. On  22.10.2018 the popular comedian procured a job at standard group as one of the Radio Maisha breakfast team.

As if that was not enough in a month’s time his popularity saw him take first prize in the Best Perfomance in Tv comedy during the 2018 Kalasha awards that took place on 24.10.2018.

These are just a few of his achievements over the past one year. The treasured churchill show comedian means business and we have in prospect that supplemental deals and awards will come his way as he grows older in the laugh industry.

Godwin Proposes to Peninah

We didn’t see this coming…

So, it all started with Sleepy David offering tickets to celebrate Fathers Day.

Sleepy David on Churchill Show

Sleepy David on stage

And to that effect, six Dads presented themselves for the challenge. Among them was Godwin (Far left in a brown jacket)

Contestants for Fathers Day challenge

Godwin had a surprise up his sleeves when the lady of the hour was invited on stage.

Godwin puts an engagement ring on Peninah's hand

If you treasure her then put a ring on the finger

Because we love beautiful love stories, we let Godwin do his thing. He did bring tears to so many ladies in the audience when Sleepy David handed him a ring and went down on one knee.

We wish Godwin and Peninah a happy marriage life. What God has put together let no man put asunder.

Watch how it all went down…

And away they walked into the future. We wish this lovely couple all the best in their marriage.

Godwin departs with Peninah

And all we could wish is for them to live happily ever after.

Godwin Hugs Peninah

Just to wind up on the moment, a huge HUG had to be part of it

Godwin hugs Peninah

It’s a wrap