On the 15th of March Laugh industry laid on the Churchill show white edition and it was nothing short of  the tittle. Our audience did justice to the theme with their angelic outfits that brought atheistic pleasure on sight.

It started with the comedians who led by example.


To our proficient band

Then our men

And the ladies in the house crowned the event with their various cultural outfits

The modern ladies too gave a taste of city vogue!!

I know you are spoilt for choice, We undoubtedly have the best audience in all aspects!


For the longest time Churchill show has been around Nairobi and it’s environs and now it’s time to break the monotony. On the 30th of March, Churchill show will fall out in the  serene land of palms, sea breeze and breathtaking ocean views. The county of Malindi. This can be the perfect gateway deal if you’ve been wanting to run from the city shenanigans for a day or two. It will be a thrilling experience for both locals and visitors. All of your favourite comedians will be in attendance and best believe they are hot to trot for the show! Come one, come all.





Victory! The joy and pride that comes with it is incalculable. Over the years, Kenya as a Nation has had several triumphant moments that have put us on the map, and this more  than anything is an area of focus. Acknowledging this illustrious citizens and giving all the support they need is regrettably the most we can offer and so we as a nation should deliver without further ado.


Sarah Ikumu, a 17 year old girl gave her audience goosebumps at the Britain’s got talent when she performed one of the most challenging songs since it’s high key and needs a pretty much strong voice. The judges were astonished at the fact that she could bring out Whitney Houston’s music just as it should be, something most contestants failed at. This wasn’t left unrewarded as she got a golden buzzer from the judges making her qualify for the finals.

Barrack Obama.Despite his prominence due to his impeccable regiment, how he managed to win the hearts of  millions in the United States of America  keeping in mind he is black  specifically from Africa ,Kenya is one that left and still leaves many in awe. His decision to go back to his roots on the 16th of July was highly anticipated and so when he arrived Kenyans were all geared up waiting to welcome him into his fathers land.

For the first time in 15 years, Kenya saw itself into the African Cup of Nations steered by our very own Dennis Oleich. The goal he scored at a very crucial moments was bliss worthy and the whole Nation led by our president Uhuru Kenyatta waxed lyrical about qualification.

In most countries, election periods are quite sensitive and there is always tension over the results and future outcomes. Kenya however was saved from all this in 2017 when a man was spotted in a nylon bag munching githeri as he queued to vote at a polling station. This captured the attention of many. In no time he was trending on social media both locally and globally with international shows featuring images of prominent people photoshopped with the ‘githeri man’. Before everyone knew he was the topic of discussion and peoples attention was drawn from politics. He surely was the hero of the moment.

In August 2012 David Rudisha held our flag high when he set a stunning world record of covering 800metres in I minute 40.9 seconds.

For the longest time the current ruling party and the opposition party’s relationship had hitches and this put the country’s peace at stake. From killings to the economy going down, nothing was a walk in the park for Kenyan citizens until 9th March when our sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga decided to the burry the hatchet. This brought smiles in the faces of many and Kenyans felt more at peace with each other.

Kenyans rule the world and not only in the obvious ways we thought like scooping olympic gold medals but in rugby too. In 2006 history was made when the Kenya sevens Rugby team thrashed heavyweights Fiji 30-7 in the finals of Singapore Sevens for their first ever main Cup title in the HSBC World rugby sevens series.

Oscars! Every actor’s dream award globally just not for the first-rate Lupita Nyongo as she fruitioned this dream in 2004. Being from Africa Kenya, this was out of the norms. It took everyone by surprise and also brought Kenyans to the realisation that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid as she stated in her thanksgiving speech.

When you hear Olympics, you think Kenya right away. Over the years our able athletes have been scooping awards globally something we really are proud of. Eliud Mathu! This competent Kenyan Athlete was crowned the world’s greatest marathoner receiving the exceptional achievement award and this more than ever warmed the cockles of our hearts.

They say not all heroes wear capes and this takes us back to the life of the late Professor Wangari Maathai. Most people knew her as an environmentalist but that was just one of her assorted passionate doings. In 2004, the lionhearted woman earned the noble peace price that got her name on the maps. She was one of Kenya’s pride and her demise made a hole in the hearts of many.


Life is monotonous in different ways, heading to the same venue for Churchill show shouldn’t be one of them. This Friday, 8th of March all roads lead to the Nairobi Cinema for the Churchill show Denim edition. Yes! Denim. We should come ready to paint the city blue. Be it pants, shirt, jacket, skirt, dress or dungaree slip into it. Glamour automatically attracts confidence, the perfect shield for any public gathering.

Did I mention sauti sol! This proficient band will be in attendance, come ready to trip the light fantastic and get in the feels too.We all know their music can get both your bones aching and heart melting. They are discernibly over the bar.



Women run the world, this is probably cliche already. We hear it everywhere, everytime but,it doesn’t just manifest on every occasion. Opportunity, this is one of the paramount reasons this has remained just but a holy grail for the longest time. Providentially, the Churchill show female comedians are among the few that get the right set of circumstance to showcase their talents. Their abilities and strengths get to be acknowledged as they get an opportunity to entertain our lovely audiences and better themselves.

On the 1st of March 2019, Mwalimu productions in conjunction with Laugh industry have for the first time in history organised a comedy queens night that will take place at the KICC TSAVO BALLROOM. The event will kick off at 6p.m. until late for only 1000Ksh regualar seats and 2000Ksh  V.I.P seats, both of which are available at ticketsasa.com. Tr.Wanjiku, Nasra, Pasha, Mwende, Cartoon and Mary among others being the queens for the night will be there to deliver utmost royal jokes that will leave us short of breath. It will irrefutably be a historic night we should be part of. A kingdom’s success is the citizen’s pride.




One day Kenyans woke up to an interesting not so common song entitled ‘TAKATAKA” and the question was who is this artist and why the choice of words. Now unlike most artists, Alvino did not just pen this track  purely for entertainment purposes. They say when words can’t speak music does, and this was the best way Alvino could vent to his distress. Now who brought about this? Alvino was head over heels for a lady named Natasha. As an accountable man that he is, he made her his prime concern. Pennies he earned from his handwork were always budgeted for two with her getting the better half. “Namtumia credo ya 100 mimi nimeeka ya 20” He recalled an instance of his many sacrifices. Natasha choosing to turn a blind eye to all this made his hackles rise and ‘TAKATAKA’ was the best possible way to let her know and warn other ladies who are fond of taking their love for granted.


“I decided to ignore the wheelchair and view her as a complete human” these are the words of Nicholas Otieno Agutu, fiancé to princess.

Princess who is currently a journalist at KBC has lived with disability all her life. This however has never stopped her from being ambitious. She believes just like any other human out there she has an equal right and ability to rightfully pass through all stages of life. She’s proved this by completing her studies upto university level and planning to get married March this year. Her fighting spirit has seen her subjugate all sorts of discrimination, this is seen as she narrated one of her encounters where she was stopped from checking in a restaurant with her fiancé. Like any other working citizen Princess rises early for work and back in the evening, She has to earn a living because bills know no condition.


As a kid princess always dreamt of having a princess wedding. A sassy wedding with the love of her life looking like a complete princess. Unlike other princesses she might not be able to walk her way down the isle to meet her Prince Charming but all that matters is she has her Prince Charming and has won his heart. Her plea to well wishers was financial aid to make her big dream true. When she shared her story on Churchill show valentines edition that took place on February 15th. Philanthropic individuals from the audience heard her plea and gave what they could. The giving spirit Kenyans have is just a clear indication that we are united despite our differences and that is what we need to survive. Nobody is ever fully independent and once we acknowledge that helping is just but a deed. Her benevolent fiancé has steered princess into accomplishing her dreams and given meaning to her life. Indeed true love doesn’t choose the heart to share it with. It comes naturally for those who are destined to share it beautifully.


On Friday 22nd 2019 Churchill show brings to you the #AfricanEdition once again, this time bigger and better! Dressing is one of the major ways of showcasing theme ,this leaves us with no choice but to present the theme to the nth degree. Are you already thinking of your Maasai shuka or dashiki? Let that take a load off ,you’ve probably been wearing it to all weddings, african events, church uniform choir or even as a casual outfit for the longest time. Now don’t loose your nerve or start thinking of not attending the show, I’ve got your back.


Africa composes of more than 10 countries. You might have always been admiring traditional outfits from one of the countries i’m just about to list. Good news is Friday might just be the right day to slay that particular one you already have in mind now. From South Africa to Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia or even Somalia. This international attires will automatically put others in the shade once you make an appearance.


But time? Yes time might be an issue and we all can’t rush to stores and get these ready made traditional international costumes. This is where we just stick to Kenyan attires but try to be a little bit distinctive. Try on that giriama traditional attire, kamba, luo, kikuyu, maasai, luhya. Some might be having it in their closets already because of a wedding or two. If you don’t ,check out tribes like giriamas who simply tie and design their lesos to fit their preference from male to female members and  that can be an equally great idea.

Ankara lovers, we cannot lock you out. Dresses,skirts,trousers,shorts and shirts made from this bring a lively colourful vibe and  this just perfects the ambiance. We  need this! Pull out your favourite design and rock the night away as we celebrate our African heritage and laugh our ribs out!!





Valentines!!! you hear this word and all sorts of excitement and romantic vibe kicks in. This was the exact  state of affairs at the Churchill show valentines edition that took place on the 15.02.2019 at the carnivore samba salon.   The event saw innumerable audiences promenade into the simba salon elegantly dressed for the occasion as they were ushered in with beautiful roses as a sign of appreciation.

     Our audience meant business and so the wadrobe selection was a sure one. Dressed in assorted designs and colours, from red to purple and even black. Yes!they say dare to be different .

Someone was going to find their mr /miss right and there was no room for taking chances. A dinner set up for two was erected on stage as Churchill randomly called on a lady and gentleman hoping they both would end up charmed. It was indeed a night of romance!

Did I mention  dance?! Our lovely couples were called forth on stage  for an extravaganza of dance and they did not fall our hand. From salsa to even more interesting moves that we are yet to brand. It was more than enthralling!

There is no way this equation would be left unbalanced love+laughter and so without fail our talented comedians cracked us to the bone.The audience was filled to the brim in joy love and laughter.It was indeed an indelible night!.



Francis Munyau alias MCA(member of chokora assembly)Tricky has put a mileage on as he turns 26. The humorist celebrated his birthday on 7.02.2018 alongside his confederates and fans during the churchill show reggae edition that took place at carnivore Nairobi Kenya on the very same date.

Being an Aquarius the triumphant comedian seems to fully embrace his progressive aquarius quality as he has been comprehensively winning. On  22.10.2018 the popular comedian procured a job at standard group as one of the Radio Maisha breakfast team.

As if that was not enough in a month’s time his popularity saw him take first prize in the Best Perfomance in Tv comedy during the 2018 Kalasha awards that took place on 24.10.2018.

These are just a few of his achievements over the past one year. The treasured churchill show comedian means business and we have in prospect that supplemental deals and awards will come his way as he grows older in the laugh industry.