Godwin Proposes to Peninah

We didn’t see this coming…

So, it all started with Sleepy David offering tickets to celebrate Fathers Day.

Sleepy David on Churchill Show

Sleepy David on stage

And to that effect, six Dads presented themselves for the challenge. Among them was Godwin (Far left in a brown jacket)

Contestants for Fathers Day challenge

Godwin had a surprise up his sleeves when the lady of the hour was invited on stage.

Godwin puts an engagement ring on Peninah's hand

If you treasure her then put a ring on the finger

Because we love beautiful love stories, we let Godwin do his thing. He did bring tears to so many ladies in the audience when Sleepy David handed him a ring and went down on one knee.

We wish Godwin and Peninah a happy marriage life. What God has put together let no man put asunder.

Watch how it all went down…

And away they walked into the future. We wish this lovely couple all the best in their marriage.

Godwin departs with Peninah

And all we could wish is for them to live happily ever after.

Godwin Hugs Peninah

Just to wind up on the moment, a huge HUG had to be part of it

Godwin hugs Peninah

It’s a wrap